Violence Threat: “You Have No Monopoly of Violence,  Muslim Group Tells  Traditionalists 

In a startling development that highlights escalating tensions, the Muslim Action Against Aggression and Oppression (MUAAO) has unequivocally responded to a recent threat of violence from a group identifying itself as the ‘Oodua Isedale Muslim Council.’ 


The  group  had reportedly declared its intentions to wage war on Islam and Muslims in Yoruba land.

The group was  also quoted of  saying that Yorubaland had been peaceful  prior to the advent of Islam and Christianity.

The is development prompted   a fierce response from the Muslim Action Against Aggression and Oppression.


MUAAO’s statement signed by Chief Imam, University of Abuja,Professor of Communication and Language Arts, Department of English, University of Abuja, Prof. Taofiq Adesina Azeez,asserted “You have no monopoly of violence.


MUAAO’s statement not only repudiates the notion of peaceful coexistence prior to the advent of Islam and Christianity in Yoruba land but also decries what it terms an “epistemic suicide”  committed by the ‘Oodua Isedale Muslim Council.’


The organization further rebukes the faceless group’s announcement of war against Islam and Muslims in Yoruba land, dismissing it as an act of historical ignorance. 


Citing the resilience of Muslims against polytheists throughout history, MUAAO asserts that the spirit of the Muslim community cannot be easily broken.


However, the confrontation takes an even more direct turn as MUAAO issues a stern warning ,saying,  any violent action against individuals such as Prof. Ishaq Lakin Akintola or any Muslim will meet an appropriate response from Muslims worldwide. 


The MUAAO  emphasised  that the monopoly of violence does not rest with any single entity.


The group, moreover, put  the Yoruba state governors  on notice, declaring that it  firmly holds them accountable for endorsing and producing elements that could lead to chaos. 


With unshakeable confidence, the organization challenges the governors to take control and prevent irresponsible actions from plunging Yoruba states into turmoil.


This declaration of strength extends to the Nigerian security agencies as well. 


MUAAO calls upon key agencies, including the National Security Adviser, Directorate of Security Services, and Inspector General of Police, to be vigilant and proactive.


The statement : 


 ‘Oodua’ Isedale- Muslim- Council- OIMUCC, DON’T CRASH INTO AN ICEBERG



Muslim Action Against  Aggression and Oppression  MUAAO


The attention of MUAAO has been drawn to a gobbledygook, published by a faceless group pseudo named ‘Oodua Isedale Muslim Council’ declaring war on Islam and Muslims in Yoruba land and is guided to respond as follows:


  1. We are embarrassed, as enlightened Muslims in Yoruba land, by the epistemic suicide shamelessly displayed by the claim of peaceful co existence of Yorubas before the advent of Islam and Christianity. It is shameful that the ignorant writers committed epistemicide by this claim, by attempting to kill history which is replete with overwhelming internecine wars among the Yorubas that is sustained till date with Ife- Modakeke shameless war of recent time in reference. 


  1. We are tragically amused by the declaration of war by a faceless group, claiming to represent the Yorubas, against Islam and the Muslims in Yorubaland. We view this as another display of ignorance of history by these miscreants because Muslims have never been defeated by polytheists and it will not happen now.


  1. We are alarmed by horondous lies , grave allegations and sectarian profiling mischievously hurled against the person of our highly respected voice, Prof. Ishaq Lakin Akintola. The threat against him; his family and group is taken as a threat to all muslims, all over the world. WE ARE NO TAKING IT LIGHTLY!



  1. In the event of any expected violent action against Lakin Akintola 

or any other Muslim, from this moment on, the nation should expect appropriate response from Muslims all over the world. No one has monopoly of violence. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


  1. We, hereby, put the governors of Yoruba states in Nigeria on permanent notice and violence alert  of unimaginable proportion as they shall be held responsible for producing these fictitious elements and their sponsors when the need arises and it is going to be soon. We are confident of their competence to do this and to stop these elements from making Yoruba states ungovernable by these irresponsible actions. The Governors know the source of the pressure for declaring holiday for Isese festival.



  1. This is a call on the security agancies in Nigeria, especially, the National Security Adviser, the Directorate of Security Services in Nigeria, Inspector General of Police etc to be on the alert and do the needful. GOD saves Nigeria!


  1. In conclusion, Muslim Action Against Aggression and Oppression, MUAAO, is a coalition of Muslim organizations, respected Imams and Alfas and it is an iceberg, the tip of which is the undersigned available for engagement . We urge the fictitious OIMUCC to own up,show up in *real names and contact* address like the undersigned and make themselves available for engagement as we are. We urge them to be informed that the activities of Lakin Akintola and MURIC are largely endorsed by the Muslim Ummah as a voice in their specific assignments. This is a tip of the iceberg. We do not dare, but *we strongly advise* that no one should take the risk of *crashing with the ice berg.* 

May there be peace upon those who follow the guidance.



Prof. Taofiq Adesina Azeez

Chief Imam, University of Abuja,

 *Professor of Communication and Language Arts, Department of English, University of Abuja.*


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