VOX POP : Ogun Residents Divided Over Abiodun’s Five-Year Administration


In a recent series of interviews conducted by PLATFORM TIMES, residents of Ogun State offered a diverse range of opinions on the five-year tenure of Governor Dapo Abiodun.

While some praised his efforts, others expressed significant dissatisfaction with his administration’s performance.

Abiodun became governor of the state in 2019 and  was later re elected in 2023 for his second term in office .

Opeyemi, a local businesswoman, delivered a scathing review, citing a lack of substantial development under Abiodun’s leadership.

She highlighted the neglected conditions of major roads, such as Adatan/Carwash and Ewekoro/Papa roads, and credited former Governor Ibikunle Amosun for the enduring infrastructure in Abeokuta.

“Except for his party members, no other resident or indigenes of Ogun state would rate him more than 10 out of 100,” she lamented.

Comrade Agboola Muyideen shared similar sentiments, criticizing the governor’s perceived inaction and ineptitude.

He nostalgically referenced the initial hope encapsulated in the “ISEYA” slogan, which he believes has faded over time.

According to him, the administration has plunged Ogun State into a state of stagnation and disillusionment.

“Total darkness engulfed the magnificent Gateway state,” he remarked, summing up the last five years as the worst period of governance the state has experienced.

However, Akindele Olatunbosun, Chairman of Oke-Ilewo Community and a pensioner, offered a more positive perspective.

He appreciated the regular payment of pensions and the governor’s responsiveness to public feedback through media channels.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by local governments but urged collaborative efforts for greater improvement.

“Our Governor is trying, and God will continue to help him,” he concluded.

Kehinde Wahab provided a critical but constructive view, pointing out the poor maintenance of the Panseke bridge and inadequate attention to primary and secondary schools.

He urged the governor to focus on infrastructure maintenance and improving the educational environment to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students.

“Our Governor should please work on these things and make the state conducive for the people,” he appealed.

An anonymous resident expressed a sense of resignation, indicating that the government has not heeded public concerns adequately.

They hoped for divine intervention to guide the government in addressing the essential needs of the populace.

Odumuyiwa Oluwasegun recognized the governor’s efforts in certain areas but emphasized the need for more comprehensive improvements, particularly in alleviating economic hardships.

He pointed out that many residents struggle to afford basic necessities and called for enhanced welfare measures.

“The people need Government more than the government needs people,” he stated.

Olaitan Adegbokiki, another resident, acknowledged the governor’s efforts and appealed for support for small business owners, particularly those operating roadside stalls.

He emphasized the economic difficulties faced by many and asked for leniency and support from the government.

“We the indigenes of Ogun, we appreciate all he has been doing,” he said, while urging the governor to consider the plight of struggling entrepreneurs.

Not all feedback was positive. Another anonymous resident criticized the lack of visible improvements, particularly in crucial areas such as Mercy Road and Panseke Road.

They highlighted the harsh living conditions of some residents, implying that more substantial support is needed from the administration.

Lastly, a former student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, now working as a security guard, pleaded to be anonymous, reflected on the economic struggles and job scarcity despite having a good academic record.

PLATFORM TIMES observed that, many people did not want to speak on the  government’s activities due to the fear of likely consequence.

Those who agreed  to speak with PLATFORM TIMES reporters gave a  condition of  speaking without their pictures taken .

PLATFORM TIMES also observed that overall, the opinions of the  residents reflect a complex and multifaceted view of Abiodun’s administration, with calls for  urgent actions to address ongoing issues.


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