We Don’t Have Good Governance In Ogun, PDP Declares Amidst Critique

Daud Olatunji

The Peoples Democratic Party  in Ogun State, has issued a damning assessment of the state’s governance, claiming a lack of good leadership and criticizing the incumbent administration’s approach to key issues.

The Publicity Secretary of the party, Akinloye Bankole, while acknowledging the governor’s demonstrated qualities of humility, maturity, inclusivity, and purposefulness, expressed deep concern about the overall state of governance in Ogun.

The Publicity Secretary of the PDP spoke in an interview with The Punch extracted by PLATFORM TIMES on Sunday .

He accused a select group of individuals within the administration of engaging in frivolous activities, stating, “Unfortunately, we don’t have good governance in Ogun State. 

What we have is a group of very few people gallivanting around and engaging in frivolities.”

Highlighting the absence of a pragmatic system for state development and competitiveness, Bankole drew a sharp contrast between the present state of affairs and the period of PDP governance between 2003 and 2011. 

He admitted that while the PDP was not without fault during their tenure, the people were generally content due to increased employment opportunities and the state being in good condition.

Bankole criticized the current administration, characterizing them as “a group of jesters busying themselves around government houses to divert our commonwealth.”

This, according to him, is a far cry from the prosperity and responsible governance experienced under the PDP’s leadership.

Turning his attention to local government development, Bankole asserted that the governor had effectively stifled local government autonomy by approving constituency projects for all local governments.

 He labeled this move as constitutionally and morally wrong, drawing parallels to President Bola Tinubu announcing similar projects for state parliament members.

Bankole emphasized the importance of local government independence and called on stakeholders to prevent further erosion of their rights.

Addressing the PDP’s chances at the Supreme Court, Bankole expressed confidence, stating, “By God’s grace, we believe the Almighty God is with us, and we are confident.”

On the rising crime rate in Ogun State, Bankole acknowledged the existence of criminal elements but criticized the governor’s perceived helplessness in addressing the issue.

He cited recent killings and attacks on institutions, expressing disappointment in the lack of a tangible reaction from security agencies due to what he deemed an uninspiring government.


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