Wema Bank Wins  For Second Consecutive Year In Nigerian Bankers Games 2023

Daud Olatunji

In a dazzling display of athleticism and skill, Wema Bank has once again secured the championship title at the Nigerian Bankers Games (NBG) 2023, marking a historic back-to-back triumph for the financial institution. 

The grand finale unfolded at the prestigious University of Lagos Sports Centre, where Wema Bank’s powerhouse of athletes demonstrated their prowess in various sporting disciplines.

The NBG 2023 commenced on the 21st of October, and from the outset, Wema Bank asserted its dominance, leading the charge from the group stages to ultimately claim victory in both the track and field events and the virtual gaming categories.

The journey to the finals was an arduous one, with each competition pitting the banks against one another in a fierce battle for points and positions.

Wema Bank’s unwavering commitment to excellence shone through as they clinched the highest number of gold and silver medals across a spectrum of games.

From traditional sports such as football, volleyball, table tennis, chess, scrabble, lawn tennis, and athletics to the unconventional categories of FIFA and Mortal Kombat, Wema Bank’s athletes showcased their versatility and skill.

The bank’s triumphant tally stood at an impressive 23 medals, a testament to the dedication and prowess of its athletes.

This achievement further cements Wema Bank’s reputation as a formidable force within the banking industry and beyond, reflecting not only numerical success but also the embodiment of enduring values and teamwork.

Moruf Oseni, the Managing Director/CEO of Wema Bank, expressed his pride in the team’s exceptional performance, emphasizing that the victory transcends mere numerical triumphs. 

Oseni remarked, “Wema Bank’s victory is not just about numbers on a scoreboard; it is about the values we uphold, the spirit we embody, and the legacy we carry forward. We are not just champions; we are the architects of a narrative that goes beyond the playing field.”

Kayode Osumah, Wema Bank’s Regional Manager, Lagos Mainland, and Sports Team Manager, attributed the bank’s success to the indomitable spirit that defines it as a beacon of excellence.

Osumah proclaimed, “Wema Bank has won it back-to-back for the first time in the history of the bankers’ games, and we did this with all the vigor, strength, and might, earning bragging rights because we always deliver.”

Wema Bank’s back-to-back triumph in the NBG Games 2023 not only sets a record but also establishes the bank as a powerhouse in the sporting arena, leaving a lasting legacy of achievement and sportsmanship. 

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