We’ve Reduced Banditry By 70% – Radda

Governor Dikko Radda of Katsina State has announced that his administration has reduced banditry in the state by approximately 70 percent over the past year. 

This significant achievement, he stated, is due to the robust cooperation between local security outfits and conventional security agencies operating throughout the state.

Governor Radda made these remarks during a working visit to Yola, where he spoke with journalists on Saturday.

 He emphasized the need for state police to be included in the broader strategy to combat insecurity across Nigeria. 

“It is high time to have state police included in the fight against insecurity in the country,” Radda asserted.

Elaborating on the progress made, Radda noted, “We have reduced the rate of banditry to about 60 to 70 percent. 

What we are witnessing now is the crazy approach by the bandits going to hard-to-reach villages close to forests, burning houses, and killing people. We have developed strategies to fight it.”

The governor highlighted that the remaining challenges involve bandits targeting remote villages near forests, engaging in destructive activities such as burning homes and committing murder.

 However, he assured that strategic measures are being implemented to address these issues.

Radda further explained that the establishment of state police is a crucial step in enhancing security.

 He pointed out that many developing countries have state police forces that effectively secure lives and properties.

 This model, he suggested, could greatly benefit Nigeria by providing a more localized and responsive approach to security.

In addition to security concerns, Governor Radda stressed the importance of prioritizing education for national development. 

He urged governments at all levels to focus on improving the education sector, which he believes is essential for the country’s progress.

 “This will give opportunity to the less privileged to access quality education at all levels,” Radda stated.

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