Why Borders Must Remain Closed- Ogun Speaker

Daud Olatunji

Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Daisi Elemide has thrown his weight behind the Federal Government on border closure.

The Speaker emphasized the necessity of such measures to record economic development.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the Federal Government has closed the borders especially in Ogun  State .

Highlighting examples of developed nations like India and Singapore, Elemide pointed out that these countries have prospered by closing their borders. 

He expressed concerns about smuggling, citing instances where restrictions were circumvented, leading to challenges such as imported rice entering through ports instead of closed borders.

Elemide drew attention to global issues, stating, “In Great Britain, there is a cry for food. In India, they are grappling with rising food prices, and even the Cubans are demonstrating for reasons related to food.” 

He emphasized the impact of closed routes from Asia on imports, recalling a time when local farming thrived, and farmers cultivated crops like tomatoes without the need for northern food.

He shared a practical example of purchasing a cutlass for N6,000, cultivating a farm, and selling tomatoes at a profit, highlighting the resilience of agriculture and the potential for self-sustainability.

 He said, “My stand, personally, is that the border should be closed because we cannot progress if borders are not closed.

“We have seen many countries that are developed today like India, Singapore; they close their borders. If we don’t close their borders and the borders are not completely closed. For instance, they said import rice but bring them through our ports, so, borders are not closed. Smuggling is what we discourage.

“In Great Britain, they are crying for food. In India, they are crying about food prices; even the Cubans, they are demonstrating. What are they demonstrating for? We import a lot from Asia, and the route has been blocked.

“In our days when we were young, our farmers used to plant tomatoes and others. We do not need northern food. We have sent our children to schools; many are not  willing to operate on the farm. 

“They may say there is no enabling environment. Farming still pays even if the government is not doing anything.

“I am a farmer. Farming still pays even if the government is not doing anything. Take your cutlass and hoes and go to the farm.

“The only thing we need the government to work on is security. All other things. If I buy a cutlass for N6,000 and I cultivate my farm, I can decide to sell. My tomatoes, which were hitherto N2,000, are now N10,000. People must eat.”

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