Why El-Rufai Missed Tinubu’s Cabinet, Bagudu

 The Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Atiku Bagudu,has  shed light on the reasons behind  former Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai’s absence from President Tinubu’s cabinet.

 Bagudu who spoke in an exclusive interview with Premium Times, attributed El-Rufai’s exclusion to the actions of the National Assembly, emphasizing that Tinubu should not be held accountable for the decision.

Bagudu emphasized that President Tinubu had demonstrated “character and promise-keeping” by nominating El-Rufai for a ministerial position. 

However, despite the president’s endorsement, El-Rufai’s confirmation was withheld by the National Assembly, a process mandated by constitutional democracy.

According to Bagudu, the separation of powers enshrined in the constitution empowers the Senate with the authority to confirm ministerial nominees. 

He lamented that while Tinubu may have desired El-Rufai’s inclusion, the president’s hands were tied by the constitutional limitations.

“The president is handicapped by our constitution to do everything. Is it fair? But that is how the laws have been set up,” Bagudu stated, highlighting the constraints faced by the executive branch.

When pressed about Tinubu’s purported failure to intervene or lobby the National Assembly on El-Rufai’s behalf, Bagudu refrained from speculating, opting instead to focus on the objective facts of the nomination process.

 He clarified that El-Rufai underwent the required screening process and answered all questions posed to him, although some nominations were ultimately deferred.

Bagudu maintained that Tinubu’s nomination of El-Rufai underscored the president’s confidence and willingness to consider him for a ministerial position.

 He reiterated that the president’s submission of El-Rufai’s name to the National Assembly was indicative of his endorsement of the candidate.

Bagudu emphasized the need to objectively assess the situation, acknowledging the president’s efforts to nominate deserving candidates while respecting the constitutional framework governing ministerial appointments.

The revelation by Minister Atiku Bagudu provides insight into the intricacies of Nigeria’s political landscape, highlighting the delicate balance of power between the executive and legislative branches of government.

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