Why I Dumped Atiku For Tinubu, Says Bwala

Daniel Bwala, the former spokesman for the Atiku Abubakar/Ifeanyi Okowa presidential campaign in the 2023 presidential election, has revealed why he shifted his support from Atiku Abubakar to President Bola Tinubu. 

 Bwala who spoke on a TV programme  explained that his decision was influenced by the conclusion of the election and the opportunity to contribute to the current administration.

Bwala, who had been a strong advocate for former vice president Atiku Abubakar, stated, “It was nice that I supported former vice president Atiku, and for the period I supported him, I gave my all. But when I made a decision to support President Tinubu, it is just owing to the fact that the elections are over.”

He elaborated on his reasoning, emphasizing the importance of supporting the sitting president for the nation’s benefit.

 “We all know the problem we are in, and if you’re privileged to have the attention of somebody who is now the sitting president, who didn’t meet you in the first place but felt that you have something to offer and said, ‘Come and be a part of what we are doing in this government, let us see how you support good governance,’ I feel it’s an honour,” Bwala said.

Bwala also highlighted his previous loyalty to Tinubu before switching parties to support Atiku.

 “I was Asiwaju’s loyalist before. I changed party to support Atiku, but it is not a situation of going back to somebody you don’t know. I have always believed in him,” he noted.

However, Bwala made it clear that his support for President Tinubu is conditional. 

“The only thing that will make me withdraw my support for President Bola Tinubu is if he goes against the constitution of Nigeria and goes against democratic ideology, but I do not see that happening because President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is on course; he is redefining the structure of our foundation and economy,” he stated.

Addressing initial concerns about the Muslim-Muslim ticket that brought Tinubu to power, Bwala praised Tinubu’s administration for providing opportunities for Christian minorities, particularly in the North.

 “President Tinubu is providing opportunities for the Christian minorities in the North and the minorities generally,” he said.

Reflecting on Tinubu’s first year in office, Bwala commended the president’s focus on laying a strong foundation for the country. 

He remarked that Tinubu inherited a challenging economic situation but has chosen not to dwell on the difficulties faced by his predecessor, who was from the same party. 

“What President Bola Tinubu has done over the last 12 months and continues to do is the foundation-laying.

 These are not the things that people will see immediately,” Bwala explained. He added that Tinubu has consistently acknowledged both the liabilities and assets he inherited, signaling a commitment to addressing the nation’s issues pragmatically.

Bwala’s statements underscore a pragmatic approach to political support, rooted in the belief that contributing to the success of the current administration is paramount for Nigeria’s progress. 

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