Why I Joined Labour Party, Ex-NBA President Akpata

Former Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) President, Olumide Akpata, SAN, has officially become a member of the Labour Party (LP).

Akpata confirmed his affiliation with the LP in his home state of Edo, sharing the news on his Instagram account on Tuesday.

Expressing his frustration with the state of the nation, he stated that he joined the opposition party to actively contribute to addressing Nigeria’s challenges.

In his Instagram post, Akpata acknowledged the circulating news about his political association and confirmed his membership with the Labour Party since March of this year.

He recounted attending his inaugural Ward Meeting at Oredo Ward 6 in Benin City, where he was warmly introduced to fellow Ward members and received his Party membership card.

Akpata explained his decision to join the LP, emphasizing his weariness of constant complaints about Nigeria’s issues and the desire to become a part of the solution rather than just lamenting the problems.

He expressed gratitude for the support he had received and viewed his step into politics as the commencement of a significant journey aimed at making a positive impact.

Looking ahead, Akpata concluded his message by expressing his hope for a successful and impactful journey within the Labour Party.

Akpata wrote, “Quite a number of people have called/messaged me to confirm the news, currently making the rounds, that I have joined a political party.

“Yes…I joined the @labourparty_ng in March this year and on Sunday I attended my first Ward Meeting at Oredo Ward 6, in Benin City, where I was formally introduced to members of the Ward and presented with my Party membership card.

“This was a major step for me and not one that I took lightly…but i simply got tired of complaining about Nigeria every day and bemoaning her fate and I decided to take the plunge and try to be part of the solution rather than agonising continually over the problem”.

“This, for me, is the start of a very important journey and it is my prayer that I arrive safely at my destination.”

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