Why I Wanted To Jump Into Lagoon – Lagos Socialite, Farida, Opens Up About Desperation

In a candid revelation that has sent shockwaves through Lagos society, renowned socialite Farida Abdulkabir has disclosed the deeply personal reasons behind her harrowing desire to leap into the waters of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.


Abdulkabir, a prominent figure in the Lagos State social scene and the proprietor of House of Phreedah, has unveiled the complex emotional turmoil that led her to contemplate such a drastic course of action on a fateful Thursday night.


Captivating footage of the incident, which rapidly went viral, depicts Abdulkabir at the precipice of the bridge, surrounded by concerned rescuers striving to dissuade her from her distressing intentions. 


Their words of solace and encouragement resonated, convincing her to step back from the brink. 


Shortly thereafter, she was gently guided into her vehicle, whereupon she was discreetly transported to an undisclosed location, presumably for the support and guidance she urgently required.


Notably fair-complexioned and celebrated for her entrepreneurial endeavors, Abdulkabir’s beauty lounge and spa on Akerele Street in Surulere, Lagos, stand as a testament to her stature in the city’s business circles.


The traumatic catalyst for this publicized incident traces back to a failed marriage that Farida Abdulkabir endured. She bravely disclosed that the suffocating weight of depression stemming from the aftermath of this shattered union pushed her to contemplate a tragic end. 


The Third Mainland Bridge, an unfortunate symbol of her turmoil, saw her alight from her black-colored Sport Utility Vehicle, driven by a desperation she could no longer contain.


This stark turn of events comes on the heels of Abdulkabir’s lavish marriage ceremony to fellow Lagos socialite Demola Okulaja, an event that transpired just two months prior.


 The relationship, however, rapidly spiraled into discord, revealing fractures that ultimately proved insurmountable.


Abdulkabir’s account further underscores the depths of her struggle as she faced the dissolution of her marriage. “Friends and family had earnestly warned me against entering this union,” she admitted candidly, acknowledging their concerns about the true motives behind her partner’s intentions. 


Her unwillingness to heed those warnings led to a series of desperate attempts on her own life, acts she now deeply regrets.


Reflecting on the potential consequences of her contemplated actions, Abdulkabir expressed profound remorse, particularly for the impact on her children. 


“I cannot fathom the thought of abandoning my children after such an act,” she conceded, her voice heavy with sorrow.


As the public’s attention remains riveted on the unfolding saga of Farida Abdulkabir, the disintegration of her marriage with Demola Okulaja takes an acrimonious turn.


 Social media platforms have been the battleground for a public exchange of grievances, where both parties have aired shocking family secrets and resorted to attacking one another with a language unfit for public discourse.


This unsettling account serves as a poignant reminder of the unspoken struggles that can lurk behind the façade of opulence and affluence, casting a spotlight on the pressing issue of mental health within the upper echelons of society.


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