Why We Are  No Longer Afraid Of Muslim-Muslim Ticket — Christian leader

Daud Olatunji

A  prominent Christian leader, Prof. Bature, the National President of Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria, has praised President Bola  Tinubu for dispelling apprehensions surrounding the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

 Bature commended Tinubu for his judicious balance in making political appointments since taking office, thereby assuaging concerns raised by some Christians and their leaders regarding the emergence of a Muslim-Muslim ticket for the 2023 presidential election.

Tinubu, alongside Kashim Shettima, both Muslims, was selected as the presidential candidate and vice-presidential candidate of the APC, sparking controversy among some Christian groups.

 Allegations surfaced that the Muslim-Muslim ticket was part of a scheme to Islamize Nigeria. 

Despite these concerns, the APC won the presidential election, though it is believed that the party might have achieved a more substantial victory had religious factors not played such a prominent role.

However, speaking at the National Ecumenical Centre on Friday during the inauguration of committees and the flag-off of a national orientation and mobilization campaign for ‘A Day of Praise Worship and Thanksgiving to God for Nigeria,’ scheduled for December nationwide, Prof. Bature expressed his satisfaction with the President’s approach.

 He emphasized that President Tinubu has successfully allayed fears by ensuring a balanced representation of both Christians and Muslims in political appointments.

“One of the things that created tension during the last election was the fear among many Christians in Nigeria of a Muslim-Muslim ticket. It brought a lot of fear, but as God would have it, that fear has been dispelled,” Bature stated.

He further explained, “The President and his vice have demonstrated nothing but balance in the kind of political appointments they have made. We have seen that nobody can cry of marginalization because Muslims have gotten their fair share, and Christians have also received theirs. 

“So this is one of the reasons why we must thank God because some people thought a Muslim-Muslim ticket would Islamize Nigeria.”

Bature’s words carry significance, as his perspective reflects a growing sentiment among many Christians who were initially concerned about the religious balance in the Nigerian government. 

This acknowledgment of President Tinubu’s inclusive approach to governance could pave the way for increased unity and cooperation among diverse religious groups within the country.


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