Widow of Nigerian Police Inspector Laments Unpaid Benefits 17 Years After His Death

 In a heart-wrenching account, Elizabeth Abdul, the widow of a Nigerian police inspector, has voiced her distress over the lack of financial support and benefits since her husband’s tragic death in 2007. 

On the night of May 30, 2007, armed robbers stormed into Elizabeth’s home in Tasha Gwa-Gwa, within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Abuja, resulting in a night of terror and loss.

“The robbers came into our compound and started shooting,” Elizabeth recounted.

 “My husband, a police officer, was shot. Before they could rush him to the hospital, he died.”

The assailants not only killed her husband but also inflicted severe injuries on Elizabeth. 

“The attackers shot me in my left and right hands; bullets are still in my body,” she said, her words underscoring the physical and emotional scars that serve as constant reminders of that harrowing night.

Elizabeth’s husband, who served as a police inspector, left behind a widow and five children. 

Despite his dedication and service to the nation, the financial support provided by the Nigerian police has been grossly insufficient.

 “Since his death 17 years ago, the police have only given me N180,000 for burial costs,” she revealed.

Detailing the meager and sporadic payments she received, Elizabeth said, “In 2014, they paid me N90,000, and later another N60,000. The last payment was N30,000 in 2018.” 

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that thes amounts have done little to alleviate her financial burdens or meet the needs of her children.

Elizabeth expressed her frustration with the bureaucratic delays and lack of communication regarding her husband’s benefits.

 “I don’t know why I’m yet to receive my husband’s benefits,” she lamented. “In 2018, a man called me and said the issue of my husband is on his table, but nothing has happened since.”

Beyond the financial strain, the robbers stole items from their home, but the real loss was the life of her husband and the security he provided.

 “My husband died leaving me with five children. He died as an Inspector of Police,” Elizabeth said, emphasizing the profound personal and professional void left by his passing.

Elizabeth shared her ordeal during the Brekete Family programme, a popular human rights radio show in Nigeria. 

Through this platform, she highlighted not only her own plight but also the broader challenges faced by many widows of public servants in the country.

Her plea extends beyond financial support; it is a call for justice and recognition of her husband’s service and sacrifice.

 “It’s not just about the money. It’s about acknowledging what he did for this country and ensuring that his family is not left to suffer.”

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