Wife Unwittingly Guides Gunmen To Assassinate PDP Chairman In Tragic Mix-Up

Daud Olatunji

In a horrifying incident that unfolded on Thursday evening, Hon Smith Chiedoziem Anyanwu, the chairman of the People Democratic Party (PDP) for Ife/Akpodim/Chokoneze Ward in Ezinihitte Mbaise local government area of Imo State, fell victim to an orchestrated assassination.

The assailants, yet to be identified, executed a chilling plan, arriving on a motorbike to the peaceful confines of Anyanwu’s country home.

What makes this tragedy even more shocking is the inadvertent role played by the victim’s wife in leading the gunmen to her husband.

An eyewitness, who opted to remain anonymous, detailed the harrowing sequence of events,saying, “the two men rode in on a bike and asked his wife about her husband’s whereabouts, and she pointed towards the compound. They just went there and shot him point-blank, waited for some seconds before zooming off.”

The initial gunshot prompted passers-by to scatter in panic, creating a chaotic scene and facilitating the gunmen’s swift escape.

The aftermath has left the community gripped in fear, apprehensive of potential future attacks that may disrupt their once-tranquil surroundings.

Lancelot Obiaku, the Director General of the PDP’s New Media Centre, confirmed the tragic incident, underscoring the prevailing sense of panic and mourning within the community and the opposition party.

The implications of this targeted assassination are far-reaching, casting a dark shadow over the region’s political landscape.

Efforts to elicit a response from the Police spokesperson for Imo State, Henry Okoye, proved fruitless as calls to him went unanswered, leaving the community in suspense and the public yearning for official updates on the ongoing investigation.

This unsettling development occurred a mere two weeks after the recent governorship election in the state, further complicating the political narrative.

 Questions surrounding the motives behind the assassination linger, intensifying concerns about the stability of the political climate in Imo State.

As the community mourns the untimely loss of Hon Smith Chiedoziem Anyanwu, there is a collective call for a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to his assassination. 

The tragic mix-up involving his wife inadvertently guiding the gunmen adds a layer of complexity to an already distressing situation, leaving the region grappling with both grief and uncertainty about the future.

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