Yoruba Leaders, MPAC, Scholars,TMC, Rally For Sultan  Amidst Alleged Dethronement Plot

Daud Olatunji 

 In a strong show of unity and support, prominent Yoruba Muslim leaders,the Muslim Public Affairs Centre,the Muslim Congress (TMC),The Ogun Muslim Council (OMC) and other scholars  have voiced their solidarity with the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, amidst rumours of a plot to dethrone him. 

The calls for support came from various quarters, emphasizing the Sultan’s significance not just for Sokoto but for the entire Nigerian Muslim community and beyond.

In his remarks, the  Chairman of the Ekiti State Muslim Traditional Rulers Council, HRM Oba Alhaji Abdulmumini Adebayo Orishagbemi, condemned the purported plot, describing it as an attack on the revered leadership of the Sultan. 

He called on all Muslims in the South West and across Nigeria to observe fasting and prayers on Thursday, June 27, 2024, for the Sultan’s protection. 

“The Sultan’s jurisdiction transcends Sokoto, reaching all of Nigeria and even extending into Niger Republic,” Orishagbemi noted, highlighting the Sultan’s influence as a leader of peace and religious harmony globally.

Similarly, Lagos-based Islamic scholar and media personality, Amir Qamardeen Ajala, decried the move to dethrone the Sultan, stressing  his role in uniting Nigerian Muslims and maintaining religious observances such as Ramadan moon sighting and Eid-el-Adha celebrations. 

“The Sultan is not a political figure but a religious leader for all Nigerian Muslims. 

“Any attempt to remove him is a politically motivated effort to cause disunity among Muslims,” Ajala asserted.

Adding to the chorus of support, the Grand Imam of Akure, Sheikh Abdulhakeem Yayi Akorede, urged the Sokoto State government to respect the office of the Sultan. 

He emphasized that the Sultan represents the entire Muslim Ummah in Nigeria and beyond, calling for prayers to thwart any plans against him. 

“The Sultan’s leadership is a privilege that no politician should want to tarnish,” Akorede said.

The Muslim Public Affairs Centre (MPAC) also issued a strong statement warning against any attempts to dethrone the Sultan. 

MPAC highlighted the Sultan’s role in fostering peace and unity in Nigeria and the global Muslim community.

 “The Sultan has tirelessly served with wisdom and strength, earning the love and respect of his people,” said Disu Kamor, MPAC’s Executive Chairman, urging all Nigerian Muslims to stand united against any threats to his reign.

In Ogun State, the Muslim Congress (TMC) reaffirmed its allegiance to the Sultan, proposing financial autonomy for the Sultanate to shield it from political interference. 

Dr. Abdulrazaq Ogunmoye, the Waali of TMC in Ogun State, suggested that the Sultan’s office should be funded directly by the Federal Government or through a Special Trust Fund managed by the Muslim community.

The Ogun Muslim Council (OMC) and its Secretary-General, Kamaldeen Akintunde, praised Vice President Shetima for his intervention and urged the Sokoto government to prioritize governance over controversial actions. 

Akintunde recalled a similar incident during a military government and advised restraint to maintain peace and unity.

The Grand Imam of Sepeteri, Al Imam Engr. Abdulhakeem Demola Raji, called on Muslims nationwide to fast and pray for the Sultan’s victory against those plotting against him.

 He stressed the importance of preserving the historical and religious integrity of the Sokoto Caliphate, urging politicians to respect the Sultan’s role.

These collective voices from Yoruba Muslim leaders reflect a profound respect for the Sultan’s leadership and a call for unity and peace within the Nigerian Muslim community.


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