Kudos, Knocks Trail Lagos Assembly’s Planned Indigenous Law

Reno Omokri ,a former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan and some Nigerians have thrown their support behind the plan by the Lagos State House of Assembly to enact a law to protect Lagos indigenes .

Omokri in his tweeter handle, cited cases of Canada and other countries which came up with indigenous laws to protect the indigenes .

Recalled that the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa, had said that the state would promulgate laws for the protection of its indigenes.

Obasa, who was elected speaker of the 10th Assembly for the third consecutive term, said as part of its legislative agenda, there would be laws and resolutions in the areas of economy and commerce, property and titles and reversal of “all that are reversible to protect the interest of the indigenes”

Reacting to this, Omokri said “when Canada saw that foreigners were buying houses and driving up home prices, making them too expensive for Canadians, they passed laws banning foreigners, including Nigerians, from buying homes in Canada.

“So, what is your problem if the Lagos State House of Assembly makes laws protecting indigenous Lagosians?

” Does Wales not make laws protecting indigenous Welsh people and giving them a status not available to other non-Welsh citizens of the United Kingdom? Can you go to Kano and buy beer?

” So, why come to Lagos and declare it No Man’s Land? Why call their attempts to pass laws protecting their indigenous people “ethnic dog whistling”? Lagos is Yoruba Land, and even the Binis, who once conquered Lagos, have never called Eko No Man’s Land.”

Corroborating Omokri, a netizen, Yushau Yakubu wrote “the time to look inwards and develop our communities to be as attractive and hospitable like the miracle of the populous and expensive cities of Lagos and Kano… By the way, Kano city (Birni) has some restrictions for non-indigene.”

Also making his submission, another netizen, Kelvin Novo, said ” hard truth! Mr. Reno, those saying Lagos is a no man’s land. I dare any of them to come to any of my southeast state and use that sake phrase and see the outcome.

“I urge my igbo brothers to come back and develop our land. Charity actually begins from home abroad oo.”

Ken Obiefuna, “sincerely, I want igbos to be driven out of Lagos,it has a become a cul- de-sac of some sort. Oftentimes it is best to hit rock bottom before receiving sense. Some may argue, that we don’t have that much land, America bought Alaska from Russia!.”

Others who kicked against the step by the assembly, a netizen, Charles Akporhonor, said ” the big question, is it an Igbo man that originated the phrase Lagos no man’s Land? It all began with a yoruba man. A yoruba man started it and they have the right to stop it when ever they choose. So stop blaming Igbos for a phrase originated by Yorubas.

Another netizen who felt bad about the post by Omokri, Olaudah Equianoh said “you are a vile and wicked man. And you say you’re a pastor? Funny thing is that your native Ijaw people are ‘Omo Yibo’ to these people.”

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