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EXCLUSIVE : Ogun Govt.Responds To Gbokoto-Ketu’s Plea For School’s Reconstruction After PLATFORM TIMES Report

Daud Olatunji

In a response to the exclusive report by PLATFORM TIMES, the Ogun State government has initiated efforts to reconstruct a dilapidated school in Gbokoto-Ketu, a border community in the Yewa-North Local Government Area. 


The school, which had faced a collapse, left children with no alternative but to travel to neighboring Benin Republic for education.

A team comprising officials from the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and the local government recently conducted an on-the-spot assessment of the neglected community. 

The visit comes less than 14 days after PLATFORM TIMES highlighted the community’s plight, shedding light on the challenges faced by residents, including a lack of access roads, water supply, and an operational school.

Residents, particularly the children, were forced to attend schools across the border due to the precarious condition of the local educational facility.

 Additionally, the absence of a reliable water source compelled some pupils to traverse the border for water-fetching purposes.

Gbokoto-Ketu, which shares its existence with Benin Republic, has been grappling with infrastructural challenges, with residents resorting to using Benin Republic roads to access their community due to the unavailability of a direct route.

Breaking the positive development, the traditional ruler of Gbokoto-Isale Ketu, Oba Ganiu Olukunle, expressed gratitude for the government’s swift response to their plea.

 He conveyed that officials from SUBEB and the local government assured the community of the imminent reconstruction of the school building and the provision of water.

Oba Olukunle, in an interview with PLATFORM TIMES, stated, “We thank God that this time around, we have seen the impacts unlike previous efforts where I had gone to Abeokuta to plead but did not yield any results. We are pleased to hear these.”

The traditional ruler shared the government’s commitment to begin the reconstruction before the end of the year. 

However, he also highlighted the pressing need for road infrastructure, emphasizing the challenges faced by residents, especially pregnant women, who currently find it difficult to access health facilities during labor.

“We are begging the government to fix our road even if they grade it and sand fill it, we will be happy and we would not need to go through Benin Republic to access the village,” Oba Olukunle appealed.

Govt.Assures Reconstruction Of Collapsed School Building 

In a recent development, Chairman Oluwole Ogunyomi of Yewa North Local Government Area in Ogun State expressed concern over the collapse of a primary school building in Gbokoto Ketu. 

Speaking at the site, Ogunyomi attributed the unfortunate incident to the alleged mismanagement of government funds by contractors responsible for the construction.

In a video that surfaced online, Ogunyomi was seen addressing pupils, acknowledging the dilapidated state of Yewa North LG Primary School, Gbokoto Ketu.

 He assured the community that the government is well aware of the condition of the school and emphasized that the collapse was not the fault of the government but rather the contractors who failed to build a structurally sound facility.

According to Ogunyomi, “Our houses were standing because they were built very well, but the builders were responsible for the collapse of the structure.

 They mismanaged the government’s fund. If they had been diligent while constructing, would the structure have collapsed? It would not.”

He further revealed that the money allocated by the government for the construction of the collapsed three classrooms had been wasted.

Despite this setback, Ogunyomi assured the students that the government would soon embark on the reconstruction of the school building.

“I want to assure you that we are coming back to rebuild this structure. Very soon, the government will come here to reconstruct another building for you,” he declared.

Ogunyomi urged the students to convey this message to their parents and friends, especially those who had migrated to schools in neighboring countries such as Benin Republic. 

He emphasized the importance of returning to YN primary School Gbokoto-Ketu, assuring them that the new building would surpass the facilities available in the neighboring country.

“If they don’t come back now, after we finish rebuilding the structures, we may not allow them to come back to this school. 

“All of you who stayed back till we finished the new buildings will enjoy the facilities,” he stated, urging the students to spread the word and encourage their peers to return once the reconstruction is completed.

This announcement brings hope to the community as they anticipate the government’s swift action in fulfilling its commitment to reconstruct the school building and provide a conducive learning environment for the students.

As Gbokoto-Ketu eagerly anticipates the promised improvements, the government’s prompt response has brought hope to the community, signaling positive change on the horizon.


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