Iyalode Alaba Lawson’s Legacy Transcends Christian Religious Boundaries- Wakeelu Muslimeen, Sheikh Awwal 

Daud Olatunji

In a heartwarming display of unity, the Wakilu Musulumi of Yoruba land, Edo, and Delta, and consultant to Ogun state governor on Islamic matters, Sheik Dr. Muhammad Iskilu Awwal, has shed light on the extraordinary life and contributions of the late Iyalode Alaba Lawson. 

The late Iyalode  passed away last week, and her funeral is set to be a testament to her dedication to both Muslims and Christians.

Speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta, the Isamic leader in South West ,Edo and Delta ,said Iyalode Alaba Lawson’s legacy extends far beyond a religious affiliation. 

He added that she was a symbol of harmony, selflessness, and unwavering support for her community.

Wakeelu stated that Alaba Lawson  left an indelible mark on the Muslim community in Ogun State and beyond, and it is only fitting that her burial ceremony should reflect the inclusivity she stood for.

He said ” one of her remarkable contributions was the beautification of mosques, particularly the one in Bode Olude, where she generously funded the painting. 

“Her benevolence extended to sending numerous individuals on the holy pilgrimage of Hajj, regardless of their gender.”

He said her empowerment initiatives touched the lives of countless people, including Iyalojas, Iyalaje, and many others.

 Awwal reminisced about the challenging times when Iyalode Alaba Lawson sought to become the Iyalode of Yoruba land. 

The Islamic keader siad the Late Lawson  not only achieved her goal but also demonstrated her unwavering support for the Muslim community.

Accoridng to him,  her acts of kindness and respect for both Muslim and Christian practices were a reflection of her upbringing in a Muslim family, despite marrying a Christian.

He said “during the holy month of Ramadan, Iyalode Alaba Lawson was known for her generous donations to many mosques, underscoring her commitment to interfaith understanding and cooperation.

“As Ogun State prepares to honour this exceptional woman with a befitting burial ceremony, it is paramount that the event embraces the unity she stood for. 

“Her life serves as a testament to the possibility of harmony and cooperation between people of different faiths, proving that Iyalode Alaba Lawson’s legacy is truly for everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.”

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