Obasanjo Advocates Multiculturalism As 180 Countries Attend 2023 World Culture Festival

Fawaz Adebisi

In a compelling keynote address at the 2023 World Culture Festival held by the Art of Living Foundation, former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo delivered a passionate message on the significance of multiculturalism in our world.

Obasanjo, renowned for his insightful perspectives, began by asserting that multiculturalism is not a mere human concept but a divine design.

He passionately argued that God, as a God of diversity, created a world that thrives on differences and unique cultures, emphasizing that this diversity should be cherished and preserved.

With attendees from an astounding 180 countries, the festival itself served as a living testament to the richness of human diversity.

Obasanjo highlighted that blaming issues like greed, violence, insecurity, and poverty on multiculturalism is a misunderstanding of its essence.

He stated, “In spite of human development in science and technology, our basic instincts for power, position, and prosperity have not changed much.

“However, these are not the fault of multiculturalism; they are rooted in human imperfection.”

The former President eloquently argued that God’s intention in creating diversity was to offer a world full of wonder and excitement, where monotony and staleness have no place.

He urged the audience to embrace love, kindness, brotherhood, and humanity to enhance the world’s diversity.

Obasanjo closed his speech with an inspiring vision of a world where love, kindness, and unity prevail, envisioning a world of “peace, common security, stability, growth, shared prosperity, and God’s kingdom on earth” as the ultimate goal.

His words resonated deeply with the diverse gathering, leaving a lasting impression on all those present, reaffirming the importance of cherishing and nurturing multiculturalism in our global society.

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