Respect Muslims, Don’t Eat In Public During Fasting Hours – Lagos Imam

Chief Imam of of the Falomo Lagos Central Mosque,Dr. Tajudeen Adebayo has issued a heartfelt plea to the public asking them to respect the sacred fasting hours of Muslims during Ramadan by refraining from eating in public spaces.

Adebayo’s call for sensitivity comes in the wake of recent incidents where fasting Muslims were disheartened to witness others openly indulging in food during fasting hours.

Reflecting on this, Adebayo emphasized that such actions not only undermine the spiritual significance of fasting but also have the potential to discourage individuals from participating in this deeply personal and communal ritual of self-denial.

The Imam’s plea resonates nationwide, echoing the sentiments of Islamic authorities striving to uphold the sanctity of Ramadan observance.

In Kano, the Hisbah, or Islamic Police, recently made headlines by apprehending 10 men and a female groundnut vendor for flouting fasting norms.

According to Hisbah spokesperson Mr. Lawal Fagge, these individuals were caught red-handed consuming food in public spaces during designated fasting hours.

In his address, Adebayo underscored the sanctity of Ramadan fasting in Islam, highlighting its obligatory nature for mature, healthy Muslims who are not traveling.

He further outlined exemptions for individuals such as the sick, elderly, pregnant, and breastfeeding women, as well as those experiencing menstruation or postpartum bleeding.

Recognizing the diverse circumstances that may exempt individuals from fasting, Adebayo stressed the importance of mutual respect and consideration within society.

He emphasized that respecting the sensitivities of fasting Muslims by refraining from public eating is not only a matter of courtesy but also a demonstration of empathy and communal solidarity.

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